Our products celebrate the best of the past, including rare and lost beer styles, as well as embracing new flavours and experimental ingredients.

About Us

Dominion City Brewing Co. is a dream that started a long time ago - probably way back around 2003 when good friends Josh McJannett and Andrew Kent used to spend way too much time at Vineyards Wine Bar Bistro in Ottawa’s ByWard Market. There, they sampled everything from Trappist to sour beers to draughts.

Fast forward a few years and friend Alex Monk has joined Josh and Andrew to open Dominion City Brewing Company: an Ottawa-based brewery that brews quality, distinctive, boundary-pushing beer that is closely tied to the people and the land that make it possible.

A bit more about us:

Reading every book and online resource we could get our hands on, we started brewing at home years ago, but it quickly moved from a part-time hobby to a full-time (delicious) obsession.

It wasn't long before we sprung for a real deal brewing system and our 15-gallon system has been a workhorse for us. Josh went on to study beer at Algonquin College offered through the Sommelier program and started studying for the Cicerone. Together with Alex and Andrew, we started producing multiple batches every week.

We experimented brewing everything from pomegranate witbier to rich, malty dunkels to beers fermented with wild yeasts.

As our fridge and freezers were overtaken with hops and yeast starters, we started thinking seriously about working to share our beer beyond our friends and family. That’s where the dream of a business built on great beer and a connection with the land and its people was born.

Since deciding to build Dominion City, we've crafted, shared and refined our recipes; incorporating feedback from friends and family as we've gone along. The result is our three mainstay beers that we'll be offering right out of the gate: Earl Grey Marmalade Saison, Town & Country and Two Flags India Pale Ale.


Photo credit: James Park, Ottawa Citizen

Photo credit: James Park, Ottawa Citizen

The Brewery — Factory. Speakeasy. 100 per cent community supported.


As Canada’s first Kickstarter-funded brewery, we also are excited to have a custom-built bottle shop and tasting room which was made possible because of the generosity of more than 273 backers contributing a total of $19, 617 last April.

Our tasting bar is handcrafted from reclaimed pine timber that spent more than a century at the bottom of the Ottawa River. Originally destined for England by way of the Saint Lawrence River during the height of Bytown’s status as a lumber town, the logs never completed their journey. Instead, they got stuck in the the riverbed where they rested in cold dark waters, protected from sunlight and oxygen, for more than a hundred years before being transformed into our bar. We partnered with Logs End, a local mill specializing in retrieving and transforming these pieces of our history into beautiful wood products.

The room itself is designed with barn board rescued from a decades-old barn in nearby Almonte, Ontario.  There was no use for the barn anymore and the family that owned it figured it was best to tear it down. Through word of mouth, Logs End heard about the barn board and went on tour to reclaim the barn. All the planks were collected and found a new home, allowing the memory of the multi-generation family barn to live on today adding character and history to our brewery.

Partners — Because nobody really does these things alone.

A growing list of wonderful people and businesses from across the Ottawa region work closely with us to bring our brewery to life and bring our beer to you.



Bridgehead Coffeehouse 

Ottawa’s fair trade coffee house and roastery, Bridgehead’s organic Earl Gray tea is used to brew our Earl Gray Marmalade Saison. We are also excited to be on tap at their flagship Roastery Location at 130 Anderson St (at Preston St.) starting in Fall 2014.

Castor River Farm 

Located just west of Metcalfe, Ontario, Castor River Farm uses many different biodynamic farming principles, are non-certified organic and have a commitment to sustainability. Dominion City donates our spent grain for the farm to use as delicious, healthy animal feed. The pigs love it!


Clear Valley Hops 

Quality-focused and family owned, this hop yard in Nottawa near Collingwood, Ontario prides themselves on their small batch processing technique and the quality of hops it produces. 


Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard

This East End food bank supports families and individuals by collecting, purchasing and distributing food in North Gloucester and West Orleans. We proudly support them by donating our 'naked oranges'--the whole, unpeeled oranges left over after we hand zest case after case of fresh oranges to brew our Earl Grey Marmalade Saison. Find out more here!


Ironwood Organics Farm 

Located near Delta ON, Chris Wooding raises landrace organic grains and wheats and barleys which Dominion City uses in all three of our mainstay beers. Ironwood beleives in a mixed farm model, pre-1950, along with organic agriculture practices which will provide a stable, sustainable farming model that enhances biodiversity, produces premium products, and minimizes ecological impact.

Log's End 

Instead of only cutting down new-growth trees, Log’s End wood company focuses on retrieving lost timber from the heyday of 19th-century Ottawa Valley logging operations. Log’s End supplied us with timber for our custom-built tasting bar, and barn board recovered from a family barn in Almonte for our front-of-house.

Lot 17 Hopyard 

A small, family owned and operated hop yard near Campbellford, Ontario, the Thompson family has farmed their land for six generations and are now dedicated to sustainably producing hops for the region’s growing craft beer scene. Dominion City is excited to use Lot 17’s 2014 harvest of Cascade hops in our Two Flags IPA.



Sustainability — Doing things the right way.

Dominion City Brewing Company is a product of its community.  We couldn’t have built this city alone, and we’re proud to give back to the community that helped our brewery become a reality.  Part of giving back is operating our business as sustainably as possible.

Some of the things we do to run a sustainable brewery are:

Re-useable growlers

All of our glassware has been tested for reuse – we charge a cost-recovery deposit on full size and mini growlers to encourage customers to bring them back to be cleaned and refilled.

Responsible disposal of chemicals

Keeping a brewery clean involves the use of acidic and basic cleaners.  To protect the local water table, we ensure that all chemicals are neutralized before they are disposed of.

Efficient yeast management

Although yeast is an essential ingredient in tasty beer, dumping living micro-organisms down a drain can have negative consequences.  We make sure that we reuse our yeast as much as possible; once it can no longer be used, yeast is heated and killed before being disposed of.

Recycling spent grain

Every batch of beer we make requires hundreds of pounds of grain.  Rather than throw it all away, we donate the spent grain to a our friends at Castor River Farms for animal feed.

Investment in the community

There’s more to running a business than turning a profit.  We feel strongly about giving back to the community by sponsoring events and making charitable contributions to causes we believe in.

If you have ideas for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Media Coverage

Thank you, Ottawa (and beyond)!

The team at Dominion City Brewing Company was totally blown away by the support for our Kickstarter campaign, and in April of 2014, we became Canada’s first-ever Kickstarter-funded craft brewery. Awesome!

As a direct result of the generosity of 273 backers raising $19, 617 we have been able to put together the coolest darn bottle shop and tasting bar around - a really important project that we wanted to do to ensure our customers have the very best experience possible when they come by Canotek Road to pick up a keg, growler or grumbler of Dominion City beer.

We’d like to sincerely thank each and every backer that helped make the bottle shop and tasting bar possible - and we can’t wait to sing some of your names into a pot of boiling wort at our Kickstarter Rewards party in the Fall of 2014!


Josh, Andrew and Alex