Our products celebrate the best of the past, including rare and lost beer styles, as well as embracing new flavours and experimental ingredients.

About Us

Dominion City Brewing Co. is a dream that started a long time ago - probably way back around 2003 when good friends Josh McJannett and Andrew Kent used to spend way too much time at Vineyards Wine Bar Bistro in Ottawa’s ByWard Market. There, they sampled everything from Trappist to sour beers to draughts.

Fast forward a few years and friend Alex Monk has joined Josh and Andrew to open Dominion City Brewing Company: an Ottawa-based brewery that brews quality, distinctive, boundary-pushing beer that is closely tied to the people and the land that make it possible.

                                                                                                                      Photo credit: James Park, Ottawa Citizen

A bit more about us:

Reading every book and online resource we could get our hands on, we started brewing at home years ago, but it quickly moved from a part-time hobby to a full-time (delicious) obsession.

It wasn't long before we sprung for a real deal brewing system and our 15-gallon system has been a workhorse for us. Josh went on to study beer at Algonquin College offered through the Sommelier program and started studying for the Cicerone. Together with Alex and Andrew, we started producing multiple batches every week.

We experimented brewing everything from pomegranate witbier to rich, malty dunkels to beers fermented with wild yeasts.

As our fridge and freezers were overtaken with hops and yeast starters, we started thinking seriously about working to share our beer beyond our friends and family. That’s where the dream of a business built on great beer and a connection with the land and its people was born.

Since deciding to build Dominion City, we've crafted, shared and refined our recipes; incorporating feedback from friends and family as we've gone along. The result is our three mainstay beers that we'll be offering right out of the gate: Earl Grey Marmalade Saison, Town & Country and Two Flags India Pale Ale.