Because nobody really does these things alone.

A growing list of wonderful people and businesses from across the Ottawa region work closely with us to bring our brewery to life and bring our beer to you.

Log's End - Instead of only cutting down new-growth trees, Log’s End wood company focuses on retrieving lost timber from the heyday of 19th-century Ottawa Valley logging operations. Log’s End supplied us with timber for our custom-built tasting bar, and barn board recovered from a family barn in Almonte for our front-of-house.

Ironwood Organics Farm - Located near Delta ON, Chris Wooding raises landrace organic grains and wheats and barleys which Dominion City uses in all three of our mainstay beers. Ironwood beleives in a mixed farm model, pre-1950, along with organic agriculture practices which will provide a stable, sustainable farming model that enhances biodiversity, produces premium products, and minimizes ecological impact. Watch this short video to learn more about our partnership with Ironwood.

Bridgehead Coffeehouse - Ottawa’s fair trade coffee house and roastery, Bridgehead’s organic Earl Gray tea is used to brew our Earl Gray Marmalade Saison. We are also excited to be on tap at their flagship Roastery Location at 130 Anderson St (at Preston St.) starting in Fall 2014.

Castor River Farm - Located just west of Metcalfe, Ontario, Castor River Farm uses many different biodynamic farming principles, are non-certified organic and have a commitment to sustainability. Dominion City donates our spent grain for the farm to use as delicious, healthy animal feed. The pigs love it!

Lot 17 Hopyard - A small, family owned and operated hop yard near Campbellford, Ontario, the Thompson family has farmed their land for six generations and are now dedicated to sustainably producing hops for the region’s growing craft beer scene. Dominion City is excited to use Lot 17’s 2014 harvest of Cascade hops in our Two Flags IPA.

Clear Valley Hops - Quality-focused and family owned, this hop yard in Nottawa near Collingwood, Ontario prides themselves on their small batch processing technique and the quality of hops it produces.