Doing things the right way.

Dominion City Brewing Company is a product of its community.  We couldn’t have built this city alone, and we’re proud to give back to the community that helped our brewery become a reality.  Part of giving back is operating our business as sustainably as possible.

Some of the things we do to run a sustainable brewery are:

Re-useable growlers

All of our glassware has been tested for reuse – we charge a cost-recovery deposit on full size and mini growlers to encourage customers to bring them back to be cleaned and refilled.

Responsible disposal of chemicals

Keeping a brewery clean involves the use of acidic and basic cleaners.  To protect the local water table, we ensure that all chemicals are neutralized before they are disposed of.

Efficient yeast management

Although yeast is an essential ingredient in tasty beer, dumping living micro-organisms down a drain can have negative consequences.  We make sure that we reuse our yeast as much as possible; once it can no longer be used, yeast is heated and killed before being disposed of.

Recycling spent grain

Every batch of beer we make requires hundreds of pounds of grain.  Rather than throw it all away, we donate the spent grain to a our friends at Castor River Farms for animal feed.

Investment in the community

There’s more to running a business than turning a profit.  We feel strongly about giving back to the community by sponsoring events and making charitable contributions to causes we believe in.

If you have ideas for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.