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NOW HIRING: Brewing & Production Team Member (Full Time)

NOW HIRING: Brewing & Production Team Member (Full Time)

Dominion City Brewing Co. is seeking a Full Time Brewing & Production Team Member! We’re looking for an individual who has strong communication skills, thrives in a teamwork dependent environment, and has keen attention to detail while prioritizing quality and cleanliness. 

The Brewing & Production Team Member is responsible for maintaining and executing all brewing and cellar processes, while working closely with the Brewery Manager on the daily schedule, process standards, quality standards, sensory analysis, and following SOPs for consistency, safety and efficiency. 

The day to day tasks involve but are not limited to: wort production, working on tank CIP/SIP, yeast management, dry hopping, adjuncting, raw ingredient handling, keg cleaning and filling, and some regular packaging line duties (including: operation, depalletizing, pack out, and maintenance).

Previous experience, an ability to learn quickly in a fast paced physically demanding environment, and the understanding of the shifting needs and demands of production, is required to be successful in this role. 

The successful candidate is willing to learn, grow, and adapt as a member of this team. 

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Performs ALL tasks associated with making very good beer (including, but not limited to: milling, wort production, fermentation management, cellaring, and brite beer handling)
  • Operate production equipment and perform tasks with safety, efficiency, and quality
  • Perform CIP/SIP cycles, following SOPs laid out by Dominion City Brewing Co.
  • Dry-hop, adjunct, and harvest yeast from tanks based on week to week schedule
  • Monitor and document detailed records, including but not limited to the following: gravities, temperatures, fermentation changes, DOs, and carbonation accurately
  • Communicate regularly and openly with the team and the Brewery Manager, reporting any concerns and observations on the floor to ensure the product is consistent and meets our quality standards
  • Maintain, manage, and report inventory, supplies and chemical depletion to the Brewery Manager
  • Maintain a clean, functional and safe brewery at all times
  • Participate in sensory analysis, providing honest and detailed feedback, reporting any off-flavors or quality concerns
  • Operate a counterbalance forklift and reach truck to receive and load product shipments
  • Arrive on-time and ready to work
  • Must be a team player and able to work with others well, while also being able to maintain independence and autonomy when necessary
  • Assist other departments as needed and when necessary
  • Follow all SOPs at all times
  • Being an everyday Dominion City Ambassador

Experience & Requirements:

  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience required
  • Ability to troubleshoot and problem solve
  • Able to maintain professionalism and flexibility when encountering unexpected changes or challenges in the workplace
  • Clear understanding of fermentation science and brewery operations and expectations
  • Able to ask for help and communicate mistakes or errors as they occur to the Brewery Manager
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, variable temperature, and loud environment
  • Able to be on feet for long periods of time, 8+ hours per day
  • Must be able to lift 25kg
  • Must be flexible and willing to work and adapt to schedule changes
  • Upholds a no-nonsense approach to safety by maintaining and enforcing protocols
  • Prioritizes equipment maintenance and preventative measures, keeping our operation running smoothly

Expected hours: 36 - 44 hours/week


We believe in decent work and offer above average wages, paid sick days and a generous employee discount program. We also believe a diverse team is a strong team. If you think you're a fit we'd love to hear from you. Send us your CV and tell us why you want to be part of the team. Resumés can be sent to

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