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A better beer label.

A better beer label.

For regular readers, you’ll know it’s not unusual for us to share our excitement about what’s inside the can of a new release beer. What’s less common is the excitement we’re feeling for what’s on the outside of our latest can release. 

Winding Down The Bines Harvest Ale is the first beer in Ontario to be released with a new, fully recyclable, 100 per cent renewable wood-based label. 

✅Made from trees. Unlike other labels made using virgin petro-chemicals, the raw material used for these labels comes from resin left over from pulp processing using wood grown in sustainably-managed forests.  

✅Liner recycling. Normally, once breweries are finished labelling a batch of beer, we’re left with a long roll of plastic label liner that almost always gets thrown in the trash. Our liner is now 90-100% post-consumer recycled plastic. We’re excited to be part of an exciting new closed loop liner recycling program to ensure our leftover liners never make their way into a landfill. 

✅Here to stay. We’re excited to be among the first breweries in the world moving our beer labels to this sustainable, wood-based alternative to conventional plastic. Look for them on new releases going forward.