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A pair of grape ales

A pair of grape ales

Today we're thrilled to share a pair of grape ales that have spent years waiting patiently for this moment.

Of all the beers we make, it's those from our barrel room that occupy the most time, effort, blood, sweat and tears from our brewers. 

It's an extra special day when we can share the fruit of their labour, and in that spirit we wanted to provide a window into what it takes to bring you these beers.


The base beer for both these releases was brewed on our brewhouse with a simple grain bill of locally-sourced malted barley and wheat. The brewday process proceeded much like any other batch of fresh beer we'll make.

At the end of the brew day, however, we cast these pale batches of wort through the wall (literally) from our main production space into our barrel room where the beer fermented for months in oak with our house culture, developing complexity and depth.


Once fully fermented, we blended these pale, farmhouse-inspired ales with fresh-pressed grape juice (Pinot Noir and Riesling, respectively) sourced from our friends Vicki and Jonas at Hinterland Winery. Scott and Jesse drove to the winery and joined the harvesting process before heading back to the brewery with 1,000L totes of juice.

Once blended in the safety of our barrel room, these beer/wine hybrids spent months converting the fruit sugars and further developing depth of flavour.

Once bone dry, our brewers spent long days carefully bottling each batch as still (uncarbonated) beer, with just the right amount of sugar and live yeast to kick off fermentation in the bottle (thick-walled champagne-style glass bottles able to withstand high pressure). 

These beers spent a further 12 months conditioning in the bottle before being deemed ready to enjoy by our brewing team.


Years of patience and hard work have resulted in a pair of beers that are both complex and begging to be enjoyed and appreciated.


These 750ml bottles are perfect for sharing and call out to be paired with food.  We've listed a few of our favourite food pairings below.



This beer pours a rich mulberry purple and tastes like tart cherries, off-the-bush blueberries, and fresh raspberry jam complimented by a delicate oak character.

Pairs beautifully with pork, game bird, Gruyère and Taleggio.

This beer explodes with bright minerality, ripe white grape and balanced green apple acidity. 

Pairs well with pan fried scallops in butter, Chicken tikka masala and even crème brûlé or apple crumble.