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Beer is for everyone.

Beer is for everyone.

Our brewery mission is to bring people together with Very Good Beer, and we're thrilled to share the fruit of a two year collaboration between Dominion City and Jaku Konbit, a Black-led Ottawa-based social organization.

Ottawa’s Black community is vibrant, has strong roots, a proud history and much to celebrate. The team at Jaku Konbit exists to support, celebrate, connect and empower individuals and families across Ottawa’s African Caribbean Black Canadian (ACBC) community. Their work enables economic success and meaningful civic participation; it’s something we’ve been excited to learn more about and proud to support.


This collaboration culminates in early December with two releases, a beer and a non-alcoholic seltzer water. Both were inspired by the flavours of Sorrel, a traditional hibiscus-infused drink popular across the Caribbean, particularly at the holidays. 

Almost Home Sorrel Beer was brewed using real hibiscus flowers and a top secret blend of spices; it benefitted from the personal recipe of a long-time Jaku Konbit volunteer and sorrel brewer, Ms. Carmen Jones. 

The beer name is inspired by the both the feeling of being taken home again through nostalgic flavours, and the book Almost Home: Maroons between Slavery and Freedom in Jamaica, Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone, by author Ruma Chopra. For those who don’t know the history of the Maroons, it’s an incredible overview of the history, bravery and perseverance of the 543 men, women and children uprooted from their homes in the West Indies and brough to Halifax Nova Scotia in 1796.

Cool Runnings is a deliciously refreshing City Seltzer release featuring flavours of hibiscus and pomegranate. In addition to being a hit Disney film, here's what Jaku Konbit volunteer Fred Sherman had to say about his inspiration for the seltzer name:

The phrase ‘Peace be the journey', is one of several interpretations of the phrase "Cool Runnings" -- which also means “Everything is alright”, or “Everything is Cool”.

Look for both these releases to be available in early December! 

A portion of the proceeds from every can supports Jaku Konbit, their programming and mission.


On Friday December 16 and Saturday December 17, we are thrilled to celebrate our collaboration with back-to-back pop-ups with Chef T from the BBQ Joint in the taproom.