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Earnscliffe returns!

Earnscliffe returns!

There's something classic about drinking a malty, subtly sweet and complex brown ale as the days get shorter, the leaves start to fly and the torrential rain begins...alright, so maybe we could all do with a little less of that, but you catch what we mean.

We're thrilled to have Earnscliffe Brown Ale in cans for the first time. For those paying attention, you may remember that Earnscliffe once enjoyed near mainstay status and was known as an ESB (extra special bitter). While we never stopped loving this delicious beer, our expanding brew schedule made it harder to keep around year-round. Some time apart gave us the opportunity to reflect and conclude that this toffee/caramel-forward English-style ale with spicy/earthy hop character was reaching the outer edges of the ESB style category and probably felt more comfortable in the brown ale camp.

Whatever you want to call it, Earnscliffe is back and just as delicious as you remember. Swing by the brewery for a glass at the bar or place an online order to reserve your cans.