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Humans of Dominion City: Ariel

Humans of Dominion City: Ariel

Ariel got her start at the brewery shortly after moving to Ottawa for love from her native Detroit, Michigan in 2014. Having worked in event management, she signed on as a volunteer to help us plan the first ever Dominion Day.

The irony of a newly-arrived American being asked to design and organize a day laden with call-outs to subtle Canadian nostalgia wasn't lost on Ariel, but she embraced the role and was at the centre of pulling off an amazing event that lives on to this day (more on that coming soon).

Attracted to a job in beer by the eclectic community around it here in Ottawa, Ariel has been an important part of our growth and development at Dominion City.

"Beer has a way of bringing all walks of life together- you can dress it up or down and there is something for everyone." 

Now a permanent resident, Ariel has gone on to work behind the bar serving customers in the tasting bar and has been a staple in the back office since before we had an actual back office.

When not at the brewery Ariel loves spending time with her husband Bryan, their son Anderson and her Sheepadoodle, Betty.