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Humans of Dominion City: Jorden

Humans of Dominion City: Jorden

Jorden's love of great beer started five years ago when she attended a local festival with low expectations. Beer hadn't been a passion, but after trying her first fruited sour and hazy IPA, she realized beer could be a lot more diverse and interesting than she'd come to expect.

After joining the taproom team this Summer from a career in retail, Jorden was an immediate fit, even if took a week or two for her to stop saying "It's so not corporate here!"

"The hardest part of my job is having to tell people we ran out of their favourite beer. On the flip side, I love sharing new releases and suggesting something they haven't tried before that I think they'll love."

Friendly and welcoming, Jorden was excited to be somewhere with a relaxed atmosphere and to work alongside people passionate about what they do. Her dedication to making guests feel welcome and comfortable and to share her love of good beer has made her an indispensable part of the team.

"I like that when I arrive I feel like family. Everyone makes sure you've got a coffee and are doing alright. I love that anytime someone finds a great beer in their travels they bring it back to share. It just feels like people care."

Jorden grew up in the GTA before moving to Ottawa five years ago. When she's not at work she loves spending time with her partner and their four year-old exploring and eating their way through their chosen hometown.