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Humans of Dominion City: Scott

Humans of Dominion City: Scott

Scott is our head brewer. His path to this role started with a mop. He earned it through years of late nights, early mornings and silent, sweaty, thankless hard work.  It began when he stepped up to volunteer with us in the months leading up to Dominion City's launch. He was there with us on our first day. Since that time he's been part of every success, setback, growing pain and hard fought victory we've ever had. To say Scott's been involved in the growth and success of Dominion City over the last four years would be an understatement. Simply put, we would be a different brewery without him.

Scott has been passionate about good food and drink for years, having completed his Certified Sommelier Exam and studied extensively at Algonquin College. He came to the brewery as a fledgling homebrewer. His passion for great beer was contagious and it wasn't long before it was clear he would be a force pushing us forward and holding us accountable.

"One of my best memories of drinking a beer has to be drinking a Mastermind IPA at Fiddlehead as a staff when we were still just a young company getting our feet under us. I didn't realize beer could taste like that." - Scott Denyer, Head Brewer

When you're a small brewery with little money, propelled by nothing more than sweat and caffeine, there's a great deal of pressure to compromise when things are less than perfect. In those early months, I'd be lying if I said we weren't tempted once or twice. Alone in the brewery, those darker moments when a batch isn't quite right or a new technique wasn't quite mastered have a way of whispering to you that no one will notice. When it comes to good beer, Scott is allergic to compromise. The litres of beer you never bought from us in those early days are what's allowed us to take chances and to push the envelope today, while maintaining the trust of our customers. 

Today, Scott leads our production team, a passionate group of talented women and men imagining and guiding our beer from concept to glass. Together, they're driven to create the best possible beer we can make; by turns taking inspiration from local ingredients, fellow brewers, and always keeping a balance between tossing convention and maintaining a healthy respect for tradition.

When not at work, Scott enjoys playing with his cat, Logan and can often be found crushing crispyboiis and supporting his partner Holly with her friend chicken business, Holly's Hot Chicken.