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Inside the Collaboratory

Inside the Collaboratory

Like most good things in life, beer is best shared with friends. 

It's been our honour and privilege this Winter to play host to old and new friends from breweries we admire, who've traveled to create, collaborate and push boundaries with us. 

Ottawa's reputation for cold, desolate, frozen isolation this time year belies the warmth and pride we've enjoyed sharing beers and stories with so many good people who've come through this year. (As you may have noticed, it's been a while since we made a new beer all by ourselves.)

Indie Alehouse and Bluebarn Coffee, Fairweather Brewing, Barncat Artisan Ales, Citizen and (soon), Jabberwocky. We've been thrilled to host good people from breweries, restaurants and partners at the brewery (or maybe more accurately, the 'collaboratory') over these early frozen weeks of 2019.

So what goes into these collaborations? Where do they start and what do they add up to, anyway?

For us, teaming up is an opportunity to reignite a passion for what we do and to learn from others who share that same feeling. Working with brewers we admire helps us remember what we love about creating new beers and keeps us hungry for new ideas.

Working with others has led us to brew styles outside our normal repetoire and in some cases to try techniques and approaches untried before.

We hope you're enjoying the fruit of all this collabroation half as much as we've been enjoying making them.