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Lager Forever!

Lager Forever!

Join us Sunday April 2 as we kick off our first ever tube service; fresh and frothy 0,2L tubes of icy cold Civic Pilsner served to your table alongside grilled bratwurst and Almanac sourdough pretzels. Full details below!


  1. Order your first tube of Civic at the bar
  2. Grab a seat, enjoy your beer and our servers will keep the fresh & frothy refills coming anytime we spot your glass looking empty. Keep your coaster nearby so we can put a mark on it for each tube you enjoy!
  3. When you’ve had your fill, simply place your coaster on top of your glass and we’ll know to stop refreshing your beer.
  4. Time to leave? Bring your coaster to the bar and we’ll close out your tab.

Feeling hungry? We'll have Adams Sausages hot off the grill. Bratwurst is available tableside and served with grainy mustard and sauerkraut. $10 each.

Feeling less hungry? We've got large, fresh Red Fife sourdough pretzels from Almanac served with mustard.