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Terroir: Not just for wine anymore.

Terroir: Not just for wine anymore.

We've just released Provincial Single-Farm IPA in cans for the first time ever. 

We love designing great beer around locally-sourced ingredients. It's been part of our DNA from the start. The idea that Canadian beer had (almost) always said something about where you were drinking captivated us as homebrewers and was part of what drove us to start Dominion City in the first place. Provincial IPA is an example of that mission made real. 

We brew lots of beers to style and source plenty of ingredients from away, but we love when we can share something that's reflective of the land and the people that made it possible, here in our region. Provincial is about showcasing terroir. We source 100 per cent of the Cascade and Chinook hops from a single hop farm in our region each time we brew it. We love the idea that each batch (and by extension each farm) showcases something unique about the soil, elevation and growing conditions of the ingredients that wind up in your glass. 

This batch features hops from Houblonnière Lupuline in Chapeau, QC about 90 minutes from the brewery. This classic take on a full-flavoured IPA showcases massive orange and citrus fruit aroma with a clean, crisp and mildly spicy grain character.

Order online or swing by the brewery to try it on draught and to take it home. Cheers!