PUNCH - Hibiscus Spice (The Orange One) 355ml

PUNCH - Hibiscus Spice (The Orange One) 355ml

6.5% ALC. / VOL.

Experience the rich boldness of Hibiscus Spice PUNCH. As you pour crimson red ribbons from your can to your glass, intense flavours reminiscent of cranberry and pomegranate will fill your palate with joy. Potent red fruit and a hint of sour make this summer sipper an interesting and desired patio crusher. Whether you enjoy it on the rocks or simply chilled on its own, every sip will awaken your senses. This gin based cocktail will please gin and vodka drinkers alike. Subtle cinnamon and spice flavours follow bold fruitiness to create a fun and interesting serve. 

Colour: Dark red/crimson 

Nose: Pomegranate, Cranberry, Grape Juice, Rose, 

Taste: Sweet, Tart, Earthy, Faint Cinnamon, Cranberry, pomegranate, Faint Rose