Revel Cider - Pom Lam 750ml

Revel Cider - Pom Lam 750ml

8.8% ALC. / VOL.
750 mL

We've long been obsessed with the way Lambic producers layer acid, tannin and bitterness in their beverages. We love drinking these so much, that we tried to recreate one using fruit. 

Pom Lam is a collaboration with Richard Preiss of Escarpment Labs. First, we aged hops oxidatively for 6 years in the rafters of the cidery.

Then we boiled those hops in pear juice for 4 hours, on a school night no less. We put this bitter, tannic pear juice into a barrel of mixed fermentation beer Richard made and let it rest for 8 months.

Finally, we blended that barrel with Zweigelt and Blaufränkish and bottle conditioned for another 11 months before release.

What's it like? For something that took the better part of a decade to make, it's really really good (thank god). It smells just like funky Lambic, but also like grapefruit pith, peaches and the soft pineapple of aged hops.

Pithy citrus and hop bitterness continue in the flavour, with added body from wine and oak. We recommend drinking within the year after purchase, but it will continue develop after that. Choose your adventure (or better yet, just grab two).

Ingredients: Pears, grapes, barley. NOT GLUTEN FREE.

Wild ferment. Zero residual sugar. Vegan.