Detour Coffee - El Acerillo, Peru

Detour Coffee - El Acerillo, Peru

How do we feel about this coffee?
It feels sparkly, layered and decadent, like biting into a butterscotch candy made from raw turbinado sugar. Bright and sparkly notes of pomegranate and lychee follow quickly, ending with a sustained note of candied cherries.

Coffee Story
Jhonny and his wife, Cleotilde, have grown coffee on their 4-hectare land in the El Huabo microregion for 13 years. Five years ago, they started working with a new importing Partner, Origin Coffee Lab, to sell their coffees on the specialty market as a single producer. Since they have seen their profitability improve dramatically, have reinvested by replanting most of their farm and adopted new agricultural practices that have helped improve both quality and yield, their production is now reaching levels that would not have been possible without their guidance. This specific lot is called Marshell, a new Bourbon-type variety and our first-ever time roasting one; it is still unclear whether it's an intentional hybrid that just started growing wild or a natural mutation. Regardless of its origins, the coffee variety has impressed coffee producers in Peru because of its heartiness and productivity combined with a complex and elegant cup profile.

Origin Details
Region: El Huabo, Peru
Farm: El Acerillo
Variety: Marshell
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1850 MASL
Producer: Johnny Saavedra

Brewing Recipes
Drip | 16g: 1g | 20g coffee | 320g water | 3 min ( V60)
Immersion | 15g: 1g
Espresso | 2.3g: 1g | 18g coffee | 44g beverage | 27 seconds
Peak Rest time: 5 to 40 days off roast