The Artery Community Roasters - Funky Fruits

The Artery Community Roasters - Funky Fruits

*Voted best drip/coffee at the 2022 Ottawa Coffee Fest*

You don't need to be a child of the 70's to get in on this funk! 

This is an exceptional  take on a natural anaerobic coffee grown by three farmers on Buhimba Hill. Natural Anaerobic coffees tend to be more unusual, sweet and "funky".

During the Intango process, cherries are placed in sealed traditional clay pots (called Intangos) for 100 hours. 

The naturally porous clay is thought to harbour specific microbes from the atmosphere, making Intango even more complex in comparison to an anaerobic-style fermentation performed in non-porous materials such as plastic or stainless steel, which are more commonly used.

For extensive details on how these coffees are processed in low oxygen clay pots, read more below!

This outrageously good coffee is grown by three farmers with neighbouring farms on Buhimba Hill. What makes this even more exciting is that Buhimba Hill is actually an island on Lake Kivu! This means that these growers commute to the island on boats to harvest their cherries and then bring them back to shore to deliver them to washing stations! 

Take our word on this, this special coffee is not to be missed! Supplies are limited, so don't delay, get funky today! 

TASTING NOTES: blueberry jam + sweet + funky + creamy 
ROAST: Light
PRODUCERS: Ntimurwango, Sylvestre Mugenzi, and Gabriel Uwitonze
FARM: Three smallhold farms working together (average farm size 3.25 hectares)
REGION: Western Province, Rutsiro District, Buhimba Island in Lake Kivu
ALTITUDE: 1550-1900 masl
PROCESS: Intango Natural (Anaerobic) - 100 hour low oxygen whole cherry fermentation in clay pots

SIZE: Collectable 100g tins (limited supply)