The Artery Community Roasters - Picnic del Pastor

The Artery Community Roasters - Picnic del Pastor

This is one of the nicest washed coffees we've had the pleasure of drinking all year! Sweet and floral, it sparkles in the cup. We really love it! 

Pastor Ordonez, the third generation producer who grows this delicate coffee with such skill and devotion, has been farming for over 30 years on one leg and crutches. 

Don't miss out on this high scoring coffee that is really special for so many different reasons, from the farm to the cup! 

TASTING NOTES: Cotton candy + peach ice tea + tart apple + honey
ROAST: Light
PRODUCER: Pastor Ordonez
FARM: El Placer
REGION: San Agustin, Huila 
ALTITUDE: 1800 masl
PROCESS: Washed 

More about the processing method:

Cherries are picked at peak ripeness, then left for 8 hours in sealed bags before being placed in the hopper and left for another 12 hours. The cherries are then released through the depulper and left to dry ferment for 36 hours. The coffee is then washed 3-5 times and moved directly to raised drying beds. The coffee dries for between 18-30 days, depending on the sun exposure. When the sun is very strong, a sliding roof is moved over to give more shade and slow drying.