Filibuster DIPA

8% ALC. / VOL.

“It's DIPA season.”

Like the legislative tactic for which this beer is named, Filibuster invites you to sit back and relax. Just don’t plan on doing anything productive for awhile. Loaded with juicy hop flavour, tropical aroma and still refreshing despite a considerable malt body, this double IPA will get you talking.

Tasting Notes

Peach, mango, dank

History Of The Style


<p>Fermentables: 2Row, Golden Promise, Spelt, Denali, Meridian, Idaho7</p><p>Hops: Denali, Wakatu &amp; Idaho 7</p><p>Adjuncts: None</p><p>Yeast: Escarpment Labs Foggy London<br><br></p>