Godspeed Brewery - Tmavý Ležák 12º 355ml

Godspeed Brewery - Tmavý Ležák 12º 355ml

Czech Premium Dark Lager
4.7% ALC. / VOL.
355 mL

Czech-style dark lager

One cannot truly understand the depth of the Czech Brewing philosophy until he/she has made it to the country and hook up with the greatest beer inspirations and personalities of the Czech Republic.

Godspeed‘s fascination for the Czech Brewing philosophy and culture is growing day by day. This Tmavý Ležák 12º is only the beginning of a long journey and friendship with the Czech brewing culture and people. We are now studying and sourcing some of the finest Czech raw materials for designing our new Czech Lagers made with the true Czech brewing philosophy.

We’ve never been that excited!

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