Five Rows Craft Wine - 2020 Riesling

Five Rows Craft Wine - 2020 Riesling

12% ALC. / VOL.
750 mL

Tasting notes:

2020 "Jean's Block" Riesling

I've come to regard Riesling as the one varietal that I can always count on. It's the humble, efficient workhorse that quietly goes about its business, vintage after vintage. This vineyard was named in honour of my mother-in-law, Jean Tkaczyk, and perhaps its characteristics aren't mere happenstance.

Convincing myself not to "overdo" the thinning and leaf removal in Riesling is usually the challenge. The best wines from this block always seem to come from vines that look a little heavy and leafy to my discerning eye. Exercising this restraint proves important in the development of aromatic and flavour compounds, as well as in preserving natural acidity.

However, leaving a denser canopy and a few extra clusters can add to disease pressure due to restricted air flow. Thankfully, the 2020 vintage was less punishing in this respect and we were able to hang the Riesling longer, cleaner and riper. The fruit tested 21.1 degrees Brix when it was harvested on September 23rd.

Fermentation was conducted as cool as possible with two separate yeast strains for added complexity - W15 and X5. Those wonderful smelling fermentations were finally stopped on October 30th with 14 g/L residual sugar.

Aromas:  intense and complex, floral, apple, pear, white peach

Palate:  gorgeous citrus fruit component, more noticeable texture than previous vintages, very slightly off-dry with ample acidity to balance