Hinterland Winery - Rosé 2021

Hinterland Winery - Rosé 2021

12% ALC. / VOL.
750 mL

If you love a dry, serious, terroir-driven Rosé as much as we do, then this bottle is for you.

Our dry Rosé is the result of a wild ferment in oak and acacia barrels after a single light pressing of estate Pinot Noir, grown in Hillier clay-loam soil. 

It took two years before we had the crop to produce a Pinot Noir based Rosé . Switching to geotextiles led to an increased harvest resulting in more room for play in the cellar.  

Originally inspired by the still Rosé des Ricey in Champagne. We always wanted to make a Rosé and our continued fascination with the Champagne region and learning about the appellation of Rosé des Ricey just sealed the deal. 

A little too delicious. Wish we could keep it all for ourselves but that would be missing the point. Wine is for sharing after all.