Redtail Vineyards - 2020 Act Natural 750ml

Redtail Vineyards - 2020 Act Natural 750ml

12% ALC. / VOL.
750 mL

This Pinot Gris was harvested from a certified sustainable vineyard in Niagara, then got two days of skin contact before pressing. It was fermented and aged completely in stainless steel. Full malolactic fermentation with zero sulphur additions in the cellar. Bottled unfined and unfiltered. Don't overchill this wine! It's most expressive at cellar temperature, about 12°C. 

Why Act Natural?

"I have this perpetual debate with myself. 'What is a Natural Wine?'

To me it starts in the vineyard. Grapes are farmed making it UnNatural, but Organic & Sustainable practices gets you close. These grapes were farmed Sustainably so that's a win!!

The winemaking should be hands off. Nothing should be added. The grapes spent 2 days on skins, moved only when it had to. I did add sulphur twice to keep her safe but $#!t happens. Nothing else added.

Is it a Natural Wine? I don't know, but this wine Acts Natural!"

- Lee Baker, Winemaker