80x Wine Company - 2021 When Pigs Fly

80x Wine Company - 2021 When Pigs Fly

12.6% ALC. / VOL.
750 mL

It’s difficult to describe the 2021 vintage without using expletives – But we will try. The promising summer began with glorious warm weather. Hot days, but not too hot … and then September rolled around and the rain started … and it didn’t stop.

Pinot Noir is a thin skinned grape, and thanks to the moisture began to quickly break down on the vine. We made the decision to harvest the fruit as soon as it was ready, and did not have the luxury of letting it hang to develop more sugars. Don’t worry – there is a happy ending here. 

Once we got the fruit into the winery it fermented into the delicious wine we offer to the market for this year. With flavours of strawberry, watermelon, and subtle hints of citrus pith. The good news about a cooler fall is we held on to more acidity than the previous vintage. 

We look forward to sharing this with family and friends during the warm days of this summer. We feel that the balance in this wine, and the low acidity may have you thinking there is a hole in the bottom of the bottle. As always, no need to be fussy with fancy food pairings – This is Rosé – don’t make serving it complicated – Of course this pairs with food! Serve this whatever you want to eat you won’t be disappointed – but the ideal pairing is a second glass!