Bellwoods Brewery - Shark Pool 473ml

Bellwoods Brewery - Shark Pool 473ml

8% ALC. / VOL.

We’re fans of naming our beers after mythical creatures, and Shark Pool is no exception. If you’re being literal, Shark Pool is a mix of Witchshark and Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.’s Wave Pool, but if you’re looking for the lore, it’s really a shark that lives in one of our tanks up at Hafis. 

This Double IPA is our first collab with Eighty-Eight Brewing Co. of Calgary, AB! It features Rakau and Citra hops, and uses a wide variety of hopping techniques, making it incredibly approachable and crushable.

Brewed with barley, wheat, and oats, it’s extra hoppy, extra smooth, and extra delicious, with big lychee and white grape character. Out in Calgary, Eighty-Eight will be brewing the other half of our collab, Pool Shark (Shark Pool’s cool sibling).