Breakfast Club Hoppy Kolsch-style Ale

Breakfast Club Hoppy Kolsch-style Ale

3.8% ALC. / VOL.
355 mL

“"Being bad feels pretty good, huh?"”
Brewed with our friends at Citizen in honour of the launch of the city's most anticipated brunch, this crispy crusher is slammable and the perfect pairing for mid-day indulgence. Dry-hopped with Saaz, Hallertau Blanc and Citra.

Tasting Notes

Crispy, white grape, pleasantly grassy

History Of The Style

Inspired by the lagered ales of Cologne, Germany we set out to brew a less-than-completely traditional nod to the original while tilting in the direction of a modern, North American reinterpretation. Lagered for four weeks for maximum glugability.


Fermentables: Pilsner

Hops: Hallertau blanc, Saaz, Citra

Adjuncts: None

Yeast: Escarpment Labs Kolsch Ale


Tom Yum spicy shrimp soup, Niçoise salad, pork rinds