DCBC Conservation Society: Jeff Collins

Join us at the brewery on Friday, March 31st for the latest Dominion City Conservation Society talk, a new brewery club with a mission to bring good people together around a beer, united in their love of the outdoors, interested in getting outside with like-minded friends and motivated to learn more about the actions we can all take to protect our natural inheritance.

Your ticket includes your first beer and a talk from Jeff Collins, Horticulturist & Landscape Designer and Owner of Rewild Landscapes. His main focus is on restoring habitats and ensuring food security. With a lifetime of experience, Jeff uses his knowledge and skills to create spaces for people and the ecosystem surrounding them. Jeff's designs include native plants and non-invasive, edible species. He believes that it shouldn't just be the local wildlife and pollinators enjoying the landscape but the homeowner and community as well.

Jeff will lead an educational talk on all things local flora - including soil, native plants, edible species and food security. He'll then open up the floor for your questions and channel his best Ed Lawrence.

This event begins at 7pm at 5510 Canotek Road.