Earnscliffe Brown Ale

Earnscliffe Brown Ale

5.6% ALC. / VOL.
473 mL

“Tastes bloody brilliant.”

Earnscliffe is an English-style brown ale that blends caramel and biscuit malt notes with mild earthy hop aroma. A rich, full-flavoured ale, this quintessential style is popular in traditional UK pubs.

Tasting Notes

Nutty, caramel, smooth

History Of The Style

English-style brown ales trace their history to pre-18th Century Britain before the advent of pale malt.


Fermentables: Golden Promise, Melanoidin, CaraRed, Caramel 40L, Blackprinz Malt

Hops: East Kent Goldings, Ontario-Grown Cascade

Adjuncts: None

Yeast: SafAle US-04


Braised beef, nutty firm cheese, roasted parsnips.