First Among Equals IPA

6% ALC. / VOL.
355 mL

The Leader of the Government is ordinarily the leader of the party with the greatest number of seats in the House of Commons. Appointed by the Governor General, they are responsible to the House for the administration of public affairs. (Source: Parliament of Canada)

Hopped entirely with hand-selected Amarillo, a delicious Pacific Northwest hop varietal, First Among Equals is jam-packed with orange Fun Dip™️ hop flavour, grapefruit pith and piney aromas. Creamy, round and balanced by an affable bitterness, this IPA is a real fluffy treat.


Fermentables: Mississippi Mills Pilsner, Oat Flakes, Vienna

Hops: Amarillo® 

Adjuncts: None

Yeast: House Preferred Ale Yeast