Fox Confessor Dunkelweizen

Fox Confessor Dunkelweizen

5.5% ALC. / VOL.

Fox Confessor showcases malt complexity featuring toast and chocolate notes, complemented by banana and clove yeast character traditional to a German wheat beer. Brewed in collaboration with local homebrewer Chris Potts, winner of the 2017 Orleans Craft Brewing Festival homebrew competition, this beer is dark, complex and delicious.

Tasting Notes

Chocolate, nutmeg, clove.

History Of The Style

Dunkelweizen is a German beer style traditionally brewed with up to 50 per cent wheat. These dark, often hazy beers feature complex yeast esters and phenols that often call out banana and clove, these flavours should blend well the the rest of the beer. With similar  characteristics as it's cousin, hefeweizen, german-style dunkelweizen features rich Munich malt character. 


Fermentables: Pilsner, dark wheat, wheat malt, flaked wheat, flaked oats, chocolate malt, Munich type II (dark)

Hops: Goldings, Crystal


Yeast: Weizen (Escarpment Labs)


Tahini & mint salad, tangerine-glazed ham, Bananas Foster