Godspeed Brewery - Mixed Pack 4x355ml

Godspeed Brewery - Mixed Pack 4x355ml

Kizuna IPA - Original Vermont Inspired IPA 5.8% 

Kizuna 絆 (meaning: bonds between people) is born out of a recipe that's spent many years in hibernation. The idea was sketched out in Montreal before the "haze craze" during a fateful collaboration between our brewmaster, then of Brasserie Dieu du Ciel, and Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead Brewery. It happened during an era of calculated experimentation, creativity, and great financial risk; the likes of which spawned an entire new style trend that would upend the craft beer landscape. In turning our gaze towards this formative collaboration with a dear friend, we seek to match the spark of that IPA and the IPAs brewed in Vermont during that brief fragment in time when the possibilities were endless.

Kizuna Original Vermont Inspired IPA was dry-hopped with an abundance of Citra and Simcoe hops and brewed with a plethora of citrus zests. It expresses vibrant aromas of pomelo, passion fruit, apricot, and something approaching evergreen. The flavour profile similarly amplifies its citrusy underpinnings with notes of freshly squeezed lemon, pink grapefruit, and orange pith before washing into a faint tartness in the finish.


Nana | 七 meaning “seven” is a blend of saisons that marries Japanese Shichimi Spices with Yuzu Citrus. Truth be told, we miss Chef Yamanaka’s cooking so with this beer we endeavoured to create something that would add a spark to our own dishes at home. On the nose, this beer is flush with lemon zest, hot pepper, ginger, and sesame, which complement the spicy yeast esters beautifully. The palate is fittingly complex: bright citrus, ginger beer, poppyseed kolache, and a distant note of orange peel. Collectively, Nana’s flavours are tied together by its soft texture, bracing carbonation, and memorable Sancho heat in the finish. Pairs well with unagi, karaage, and caramelized pork belly.


Nonbe | 飲兵衛 (meaning: to drink) represents our obsessive attempt to emulate older iterations of Oktoberfest bier brewed for the two week-long celebration that shares the style's name. Brewed with Vienna and Munich malts and Tettnanger hops, Nonbe expresses a piquant floral noble hop character before a luxurious cascade of malt notes begin to proliferate: toasted bread crust, caramel, molasses, and pecan. The drink's texture is round and opulent, showcasing the malt richness hinted at in the aroma with an added suggestion of maple sap; unsweetened and delightful. The finish, softened and refined by a long cold maturation, is the exclamation point on a lager that has us reaching for the nearest litre stein.


Welcoming our new refreshing Summer Pale Ale with Japanese Sudachi Citrus. Sabaku | 砂漠 (meaning “Desert” in Japanese) is somewhat of a cousin to our Yuzu Saison, with bright, vibrant, pink grapefruit-like and peppery notes. Another one, please!

Sold as a 4-pack