Goin' Down The Road Helles Lager

4.8% ALC. / VOL.
355 mL

“Gonna make it big.”

Conceived with our friends from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia's North Brewing Company, this German-style light lager is clean and refreshing.

History Of The Style

Helles is a German pale lager born from a strong tradition among Southern German brewers, particularly in Munich. Helles lagers tend to be mildly malt sweet, very light in colour with low bitterness and a full malt body. The German word hell can be understood to mean 'light,' 'pale,' or 'bright.'


Fermentables: Barn Owl Lager Malt

Hops: Saphir, Strisselspalt

Adjuncts: None 

Yeast: Fermentis SafLager W-34-70


Fried chicken, Baluchon cheese, wild boar sausages