Gomatose Ice Cream Stout

7% ALC. / VOL.

“Bubble Trouble”
Brewed with our friends from Moo Shu Ice Cream, Gomatose is an ice creamified stout we made with lactose and rich, nutty black sesame (goma, in Japanese). Vanilla bean and Moo Shu's famous bubble waffles contribute to the beer's soft, pillowy texture.

Tasting Notes

Nutty, creamy, chewy.


Fermentables: 2Row, roasted barley, Caramel Munich 80L

Hops: Columbus, East Kent Goldings

Adjuncts: Lactose, black sesame (goma), vanilla bean

Yeast: Escarpment Labs English Ale II


Sesame gong shui, walleye, bubble waffles.