LULO Coffee - EL Pedregal Yellow Bourbon Extended Process

LULO Coffee - EL Pedregal Yellow Bourbon Extended Process

The Impression 

Blueberry / Floral / Delicate

This cup is stunning. Distinct notes of fresh blueberry make it so unique and coupled with a strong florality, a bright lemon acidity make it a simply remarkable coffee. 

Roast Level 



Ervin Liz Andela and his family have been supporting LULO since day one. They are members of the Nasa Indigenous community, and they have a single-hectare farm in Tierradentro, Cauca. Ervin’s parents manage their beautiful farm, perched atop a mountain ridge at 1850masl in the Andes, while he represents them in the sale of both green and roasted coffee. The levels of care, passion, and dedication in this family operation are just bonkers, truly felt in every cup. 

This Yellow Bourbon undergoes its fermentation in Grain-Pro bags for 80 hours after being harvested at peak ripeness. It's then left to dry with its mucilage on a parabolic bed for just over one month.