LULO Coffee - Finca Chamaris Natural Castillo

LULO Coffee - Finca Chamaris Natural Castillo

The Impression

Mandarin / Raspberry / Peach / Floral / Milk Chocolate

In the cup we find delicate citric acidities mesh with mandarin and stone fruit flavors. Berry notes blend with a tropical florality, bringing to mind wonderful things like orange blossom, raspberry, and lychee. Sweet milk chocolate provides the base of the body, anchoring all of the fruity and floral complexities with just a touch of the familiar. 

Roast Level 

Just light of medium

The Brew

Like previous Delagua lots, this one is fun to play around with using a lot of different brew methods. As filter, it shines brighter when brewed at a lower temp (96°C~), low ratios (1:14~), and a grind setting on the coarse side.