LULO Coffee - Tropical Summer

LULO Coffee - Tropical Summer

The Impression

Pineappple / Floral / Glowing 

Fantastically floral and tremendously tropical, this coffee is a clean and bright take on modern fermentation processes. Pineapple, mango, and strawberry sweetness sit atop a creamy yet buzzing acidity, and its light body brings a tea-like quality to mind as it cools. 

Roast Level 



LULO met the team at Proyecto Renacer (Project Rebirth) at their café last winter. They are the processing specialists behind La Sierra’s coffees and serve these same coffees in their beautiful shop in Medellin’s Laureles neighborhood. They have been working diligently to bring further representation to La Sierra producers, helping change the unfortunate and now-outdated reputation that the neighborhood had gained in previous years of intense conflict.