Meuse Brewing - Mueuze Cuvée 375ml

Meuse Brewing - Mueuze Cuvée 375ml

3yo BA Lambic-Style Blend
6.5% ALC. / VOL.

This beer was inspired by the old Belgian tradition of lambic brewing and blending. Brewed in 2017, this beer was brewed in six batches and aged in 6 separate oak barrels. After maturing for three years, samples from each barrel were blended in various proportions. The top blend was deemed the Cuvée. These beers should continue to develop during their first year in bottles and to a lesser extent over the next several years. Rich, full-bodied, and bottle conditioned.

The Belgian tradition of brewing and blending beers goes back generations and has become an art. What sets these beers apart is the spontaneous fermentation that they undergo. Boiling wort is lead into a shallow tank known as a koelschip and exposed to the fresh fall night air to be cooled and inoculated with local yeasts and bacteria from the air. These beers are brewed in the fall and spring when the weather is favourable to the right wild yeasts and bacteria for fermentation. Oude Gueuze has become a protected name for these styles of beer brewed specifically in the Senne Valley of Belgium.

At Meuse Brewing this beer is our raison d’être. It is the beer that sparked the passion for barrel aging and started the vision of a farmhouse brewery. The two 2020 blends are the first attempt at these styles. Brewed in 2017, they were not spontaneously inoculated in the traditional way but rather a specific blend of yeasts and bacterial cultures were manually introduced.

It is a beer for that very special occasion.