Meuse Brewing - Saison de la Meuse 330ml

Meuse Brewing - Saison de la Meuse 330ml

Farmhouse Saison
5% ALC. / VOL.

This beer, which has been a long time labour of love, was created to the personal preference of the brewery founders. It has mild herbal and floral hop aromas that compliment our house yeast character. It is effervescent with a dry peppery finish and bottle conditioned. Easy going, light-bodied, and well balanced, it is now yours to try!

As a style, farmhouse ales go back the rural areas of Europe. The saison in particular finds its origins in the areas of Southern Belgium and Northern France. Traditionally, it was produced during the winter months to provide a refreshing and nourishing beverage to the farm hands in during the summer. This is how it got the name “saison”, the french word for season.

At Meuse Brewing we chose this style of beer as our first release for a number of reasons. This style lends itself nicely to a brewer’s creativity, as per farm its recipe would vary depending on the ingredients at hand or brewers preference. For us we are able to work together with a local farmer to produce a uniquely local base for this beer. Blending this with some European hops and our own house yeast, we’ve created something uniquely us.

Truly a beer for any occasion!