Paradise Grapevine - 2020 Cashtown

Paradise Grapevine - 2020 Cashtown

12.5% ALC. / VOL.
750 mL

brambleberry bush party / black raspberry thunder / off roading on new terroir 

Welcome to Cashtown bb, population: Dornfelder & Cabernet Franc. Sometimes you just need an excuse to live out one of your weirder life goals, did you know these things are called Air Dancers? They’ve got serious moves. Cashtown 2020, the latest release from our Paradise Grapevine wine cellar, is one dark and mysterious little number. You may not of heard of Dornfelder before but the chances are you’ve drank it. This #megapurple grape actually finds it’s way into basically every red wine at many Ontarian conventional wineries. It’s all-light-absorbing violaceous pigment is used to manipulate colour in generic red wines. We consider it a locally misunderstood grape that has unique and delightful varietal qualities such as purple plum, tree bark, barnyard and floral flavours. The berries are large and therefore the skin to flesh ratio results in a lower tannin concentration and a refreshingly light body. We couldn’t help but blend it with 40% of our 2020 Cabernet Franc which was just bursting with blue and purple berry fruit. 

We absolutely love how this wine turned out. It is adventurous, thought provoking, fun to drink with friends and pairs excellently with a spicy pep pizza.

Oh, about the name...Cashtown Corners is a little spot along Airport Road near Creemore, Ontario (where the magic of our winemaking happens!) It's a funny little spot with multiple food options and just one solo person working and running from station to station to prepare pizza! burgers! sandos! ice cream! We stop here for lunch ALL the time, I mean, but have you tried the french fries? Seriously, try the french fries. Anyways, we LOVE Cashtown and had to name a wine after our favourite corner hub!  

Producer: Paradise Grapevine

Vintage: 2020

Grape(s): Dornfelder, Cabernet Franc

Region: Niagara, Ontario

ABV: 12.5%