Paradise Grapevine - 2020 Pep Talk 250ml

Paradise Grapevine - 2020 Pep Talk 250ml

12.1% ALC. / VOL.

“Definitely not 750ml”

Grape(s): Vidal fermented on Gamay & Cabernet Franc skins

uncertified organic Vidal
unfined / unfiltered
naturally fermented

We are SO EXCITED about this release! This wine was a total experiment. After a super gentle press of our 2020 Gamay and Cab Franc, we decided to direct press hand-picked organically farmed (uncertified) Vidal clusters onto the pomace and ferment the juice on the skins. We left the Vidal on the red skins for 10 days before transferring straight to stainless steel to ride out a cool fermentation. We canned the rosé with 9g/L residual sugar to re-ferment into a tiny spritz and give the fruit a luscious pop. Cans leave behind a smaller environmental footprint than glass or plastic due to their high recyclability, light weight, and super-duper-efficient use of space. We think they're an exciting format and we're happy to have our rosé in them! 

The result is a succulent fruit-bomb party in your mouth with delightful cherry/raspberry fruit, mouth watering acidity, and a should-be-standard-at-this-point-in-covid 8 oz serving size! .