Revel Cider - Good Evening

Revel Cider - Good Evening

7.8% ALC. / VOL.
750 mL

Good Evening is a blend of Cortland Cider, Skin Contact Vidal, Honey and Honeycomb.

In the cidery, we think about each vessel as a book in our library. Liquid books, that you can blend together. 

Ok, it's not a great analogy.

Regardless, the novellas of Vidal, Cortland and Honeycomb were always meant to be chapters of the same story.

Vidal's bright acid and natural honey notes bridge the fresh Cortland aroma and waxy texture of the comb in a way that can only be described as mega tasty.

Complex sugars in the comb have been slowly chewed up and turned to soft funk by our native brettanomyces. This blend reminds us of all the reasons we like dry saison and wines made with a human touch.