Revel Cider - Sol IV 750ml

Revel Cider - Sol IV 750ml

8.2% ALC. / VOL.
750 mL

Sol is our name for a series of still ciders.

In the cidery, we taste all of our ciders still and at cellar temperature before bottling. Sol is our attempt to bring the experience of tasting in our cidery to you.

Sol IV is a blend of Reinette Russet (40%), Golden Russet (40%), and skin contact Riesling (20%).

We've wanted to pair Russets and Riesling for quite some time.

Both fruits have a few things in common: each is uniquely textural, with complementary aromas and high acid + sugars when grown in cold climates like ours. 

What's it like?: The aroma is pretty and complex - brown sugar from the Golden Russet, light petrol from the Reinette (think tennis balls), and a combined experience of wildflower pollen gently blowing onto a country porch.