Sawdust City - Trois Houblon 473ml

Sawdust City - Trois Houblon 473ml

5.2% ALC. / VOL.
473 mL


Brewed with mainly Ontario malts and a blend of three Alsatian hops, Trois Houblon is a thrice hopped Alsatian pils that blends European tradition with Canadian know how and ingredients.  Pouring a bright gold with a pillowy white head, gentle floral aromas lead the way and beg you to take a sip. Biscuity malt with notes of honey and cracker are balanced wonderfully, with a noticeable bitterness and delicate floral and citrus flavours from the Alsatian hops.

A collaboration with our friends at Matron Brewing.

In the fall of 2019, Justin (Matron Brewing) and I had the good fortune to travel to the Alsace region of France. While there, we experienced not only the beer and hops grown in the region but also the food, culture and landscape. Enamoured by those experiences we collaborated to create Trois Houblon, a beer celebrating not just Alsatian ingredients, but also the culture. An elegant beer meant to be enjoyed with food, friends and the beauty of life.