Therianthropy Wines - 2019 Bonnie Vivant Chardonnay

Therianthropy Wines - 2019 Bonnie Vivant Chardonnay

12.4% ALC. / VOL.
750 mL

The salty-citrus spritz in this wine will make your tongue tingle. It comes from a tiny secondary fermentation that took place in the bottle. Lemon and peach, white flowers and crushed seashells. Vibrant acidity. Think shucking oysters with your toes in the sand. A salty sea breeze at magic hour. 


Growing season: Weather conditions were generally cooler and wetter than usual and the growing season in most areas was slightly delayed. Thanks to a sunny fall, the season ended well, and with the absence of any significant heat spikes throughout the growing season, acidity in the fruit was preserved whilst still achieving full ripeness. A great year for wines which benefit from increased acidity. A great year for Chardonnay

7% of the grapes got 21 days on skins, allowing the native yeasts to begin fermentation. A six day cold-settling at 13 degrees Celsius was followed by primary fermentation, which took 3 months to complete. 100% of the wine went through malolactic fermentation. A small secondary occurred in bottle adding light effervescence.