Third Moon Brewing - Milton Dew 473ml

Third Moon Brewing - Milton Dew 473ml

5% ALC. / VOL.
473 mL

For our Milton locals, we just had to "dew" it! We bring you our fourth batch of "Milton Dew", a nostalgic 'sour soda ale' that tastes like the real thing!

This beer started out as a fun experiment in the slushie machine at our taproom. We took our sour base and added citrus soda syrup to make a concoction that is too good to be missed. It's been so popular that we scaled it up to make a batch large enough to get into cans.

This beer contains live sugar which means you must keep these consistently cold (in your fridge) or additional fermentation will take place and they can burst. For extra fun, put in the freezer for an hour (set a timer!) and then drink. However you choose to enjoy it, please drink within a few weeks of purchase.