Trail Estate - 2020 Supersonic

Trail Estate - 2020 Supersonic

9.5% ALC. / VOL.
750 mL

“Like a sour beer met a cider while hanging around a fruity sparkling wine.”

These handpicked grapes were pressed whole-cluster as sloooooowly as possible and put straight to stainless steel. Racked and fermented naturally (no nasty yeast packs, enzymes or other “stuff”) at a cool temperature for 1 month. A small amount of juice was added at bottling to let the wine referment in bottle and give it bubbles. Zero sulphur added.

A beautiful purple-ish hue and an unmistakable flavour. A taste of classic grape juice with a touch of spritz; this is a fun wine!
Unmistakably Canadian with a touch of finesse from the winemaking team :)
Cases Produced: 140
Grower: Lipsitt
Harvested: October 5, 2020
RS: <3g/L
Alcohol: 9.5%

Note: some foaming-over is normal with Pet Nats. To minimize this make sure wine is well chilled (8-12 hours in the fridge) and open cap very slowly, wait a couple minutes and remove cap entirely.