Trail Estate - 2021 Pét Nat - Red

Trail Estate - 2021 Pét Nat - Red

10.5% ALC. / VOL.
750 mL

Consisting of 40% Riesling, 37% Baco Noir and 23% Cabernet Franc.

Fermented with temperature control and racked for clarity this wine was bottled 3 months after the 1st grapes were picked. A cool and slow natural fermentation maintained a lot of fruity aromatics. 

A beautiful and naturally carbonated wine with cherry menthol notes and a hint of rosemary throughout the nose and palate. High acid and light bubbles shortly after bottling. Light bubbles will get more vigorous (and the wine drier) over time — this is still a young wine. It’s showing lovely notes of berries — blackberries, cherries, strawberry and currants. Finishes with savoury spice and complexity — think beets (slightly meaty), rosehip tea, tarragon and clove.

Note: some foaming-over is normal with Pet Nats. To minimize this make sure wine is well chilled (8-12 hours in the fridge) and open cap very slowly, wait a couple minutes and remove cap entirely.