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Humans of Dominion City: Jacinda

Humans of Dominion City: Jacinda

Jacinda, known lovingly as Juice by her colleagues, is a pillar of our brewing team. Trained at Niagara College's brewing school and passionate about her chosen profession, Jacinda has been a huge part of driving us forward since joining the team early this year.
"Growing up I was the kid who liked the cardboard box more than the new toy inside it. Brewing beer is like playing with the cardboard box; endless opportunities for creative combinations."
Jacinda's energy and ideas have led us to new concepts and she regularly challenges established thinking to improve how we brew. She's dedicated and cares deeply about making the best beer possible.

When not brewing, Jacinda enjoys hanging with her partner Justin and cat Nixon or making a run back to her hometown of Kingston for a night of barhopping and record shopping.

If you're looking for a great read to better understand the roots of today's artisanal beer movement, Jacinda recommends picking up a copy of Mountain Brew by Tim Mats and Lee Anne Dorr.